Make your own disc golf course and share it with the world.

About this site:

The idea is to let anyone design their own course in areas where disc golf courses are not readily accessible.
Anything can be used as a target be it a PDGA-approved basket or simply a tree-trunk.

Of course anyone can just go out, make up a course and play, but since the competitive aspect for many are part
of the fun, we thought it would be nice to share courses.

The site is under construction but functional, so add your own course to the collection.

Future suggested expansions include:
 - A voting system to add a rating to each course and also to keep track of courses that become unplayable.
 - A scorecard upload to add more competitive fun.

 - Some regular courses are added for Denmark from the database of DGCOURSEREVIEW.COM
    Hopefully additional courses will be added

Please send any suggestions or comments to udg@burninglobster.com

Geolocation is not working yet, so the map centers somewhere in my neighbourhood for now...

A new layout is under development. The progress can be followed at www.burninglobster.com/URDG